10. marts 2018, 22:00 - 16:00

ManiFest – Rubber

Råhuset, Onkel Dannys Plads 7, KBH K



Especially for this event we have upgraded the Shine Booth for all you amazing exhibitionistic rubber fans. For ManiFest Rubber, we will be expanding this popular service to be a more delicate and sensual experience for both participants and observers.

The Shine Booth will be located inside the party this time instead of near the entrance and will be lit up in its own designated area. Surrounding the Shine Booth other guests will be able to observe and enjoy the shiny look being delivered by our dedicated and passionate shine team.

And as something new pull your own “Shine Booth number”. When your number comes up, it’s your turn to step into the Shine Booth area and be spoiled by our shine team.

Rubber Shine for the Shine Booth is sponsored by Homoware

The shine both will be available from 22.00 and until we run out of shine.
Photo: Reflective Desire


Imagine a room filled with balloons from floor to ceiling. All you can see is black, rubber balloons! Black, rubber and purely sensual.
Here you can explore and reach out for others between the dimly lit, tightly inflated rubber mass. Indulge yourselves in this special and intense feeling as the rubber caresses you all. Let go and immerse into this sensual black universe of balloons…

Welcome to The Balloon Room!

Located on the first floor next to the play area.



For those of you that love the dark and all the adventures it can bring. Located on the 2nd floor of the venue you will find the Darkroom. This is the place for those turned on by the unknown and the unpredictable. Those that are intrigued by not knowing who they are touching or who is touching them. Use your senses and reach out, feel your way guided by lust and desire.

The ManiFest code of conduct applies as always. Be responsible for yourself and for others. A no is a no – respect that!

From 22.00 to 02.00 you can contact the Darkroom Guide at the entrance if you have any questions.
The Darkroom is open for everyone during the entire party.

See you in the dark!


It is with great pleasure we announce that Mike Sheridan will be providing the soundtrack for this ManiFest Rubber party!

As a well established and renowned electronic composer, Mike creates ambient, pulsating soundscapes with his own personal and unique style and sound. Amplifying and sustaining the visual and physical impressions of any room or dancefloor, making him the perfect atmosphere architect for this rubber play party. Enjoy!


To inspire your playfulness, and to be true to the theme, we are very happy to present a shiny gift to all of you awesome latex lovers. At ManiFest Rubber we will set up a vacuum bed, a grope tube and vacuum cabine for those of you wanting to try this truly intense rubber experience.

Get smothered in latex and let yourself float in your own rubber world, while feeling the extra layer of rubber tighten around your whole body. For the more daring and curious let your closest friends make this experience even more intense by caressing you through the layers of rubber to amplify the sensations even more.

At ManiFest Rubber we encourage you to go all in on your rubber outfit, and therefore these outstanding rubber experiences will be exclusively available for those dressed in rubber.

The vacuum cabine is managed by Latex Logen from SMil Copenhagen. We cooperated with Latex Logen at ManiFest Hedonism 2017 resulting in a huge success we wish to repeat.


It’s been a year since we introduced the Redroom to ManiFest and what a year it has been. This new zone has really taken off, feeding adventurous couples appetite’s for pair-play and at times leaving the walls and ceiling dripping in condensation!

The Redroom is a small lounge dimly lit in red light. It’s an area only for couples that enjoy playing surrounded by other playful couples. This is also where couples can connect and explore with like-minded others.

The rules are simple. You enter the room together and you leave together. Always follow the code of conduct, and ask nicely before you interact with other couples. Respect a no and be responsible for yourself and others.

From 22.00 to 02.00 you can contact the Redroom Guide at the entrance if you have any questions. The Redroom is only for couples for the entire party.

The Redroom is located on first floor next to the playroom.


A Rubber party would not be complete without Rubber Mistresses and this ManiFest has the finest of their kind!

Visit Madame Sev & Madame Liz located on the first floor if you dare! The brave will be rewarded as these two rubber femdoms challenge you to engage in kinky tease play involving lashings of lube and tightly bound plastic-wrap. Fixated, tied down and at their mercy expect to be spoiled groped and maybe even punished if you’re lucky!
You will sense everything and you will still lose control in the firm wet hands of these two skilled and strict rubber mistresses.


As an extra sideshow treat for ManiFest Rubber we will have some delicious fetish eye candy on display for your pleasure.

On both the ground floor and the first floor there will be projected a selection of pervy and provocative fetish imagery and films for your enjoyment and inspiration.
These visuals mixed with the sensual sounds of Mike Sheridan will blend perfectly in a tapestry of temptation!


ManiFest Rubber offers plenty of possibilities to explore your decadent play fantasies and desires. We will transform the main area of the first floor into a dedicated play area right next to the Balloon Room and Redroom. Here you will find a wide variation of devices and furniture for use. This play area is both for players and a cruisers.
Cruisers are the curious who create excitement and give the opportunity to turn a play session in a new direction. Cruisers keep their distance, and join a players session only by invitation.

Please respect the BDSM playroom is not for social conversation and chit-chat and that the BDSM furniture is for playing and not sitting on. There is good lounge space for this on the ground floor.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact the Playroom Guide in the playroom.

Please misbehave responsibly and play safe and consensual.