20. maj 2018, 22:00 - 05:00

ManiFest Hedonism

Pumpehuset, Studiestræde 52, 1554 København.


ManiFest Hedonism 2017 was a huge success. Hedonism seems to be a theme many of us can identify with and wish to celebrate. And yes, the Danish Kink Subculture is amazing and unique. With all its different tastes and flavours we are all a part of something we can be very proud of. Regardless of kinks, sexual identity or preferences we are all Hedonists and that deserves a celebration!

True to tradition we are celebrating this special day on Whit Sunday (Pinsesøndag) and once again at the legendary venue Pumpehuset, smack in the middle of Copenhagen.

We have already many exciting plans in the making. Expect to see the danish kink subculture represented in all its shapes and forms. Expect the very best of danish kink performance artists and DJ’s to make you dance until the WhitSunday sun arises around 05.00 in the morning. And expect diverse play spaces that offer the very best of hedonistic possibilities for all your kinky desires.

We look forward to celebrating Hedonism with you all!

*Watch this space for more info and line-up.



ManiFest Hedonism promises to be an extraordinary event. We have been busy at the ManiFest office and contacted a wide range of organizations across the Copenhagen kink subculture. And as something new for us all we have invited them to celebrate ManiFest Hedonism together with us.

This ManiFest will be spiced up by at least 7 supporting organisations.
So far we are thrilled to announce that Kinky Salon, Queer Lab, Excess Club, SMil Copenhagen, Kinbaku Lounge, Hellfire Society and Det Sorte Selskab will be backing up ManiFest Hedonism, each in their own way.

It is our intention with this initiative to show that there is space for us all in the danish kink community and what we all have together is truly amazing and unique. Join us to celebrate this!
Regardless of kinks, sexual identity or preferences we stand proudly together, we are all Hedonists, with all our different tastes and flavours.

*to learn more about these supporting organisations you can check out their websites.
www.kinkysalon.dk | www.queerlab.dk | www.excessclub.dk | www.smilkbh.dk | www.kinbakulounge.dk | www.hellfire-society.com | www.detsorteselskab.dk

DJ RUMMENIGGE (DK) | 22:00 – 01.30

Traditionally music choice at ManiFest has always created lively discussions. What is the best soundtrack to kink to? There are many opinions and no single solution, besides perhaps DJ Rummenigge!

As a trusted resident DJ, Jesper Rummenigge is without a doubt one of the most experienced players behind the ManiFest decks. And he knows just how to please this demanding and varied crowd.

This time kicking off the night with dark, atmospheric warm up tunes he’ll pull you deep into the sleazy ManiFest vibe, before taking you to the dancefloor with a sexy mix of house, rock, electro and leather-clad 80’s synths.

Welcome back DJ Rummenigge!

DJ WAQAR (DK) | 01:30 – 05.00

Sometimes there is no doubt what your dirty desires crave for. And for ManiFest Hedonism’s late night dance floor we crave DJ Waqar! As one of our ManiFest resident DJ’s Waqar is renowned for his crowd pleasing beats and packing the dancefloor to the max.

Waqar has been a well established DJ in the Danish club scene for more than two decades. His track record of legendary parties is long and includes Promilleservice at Roskilde Festival, Le Social, Camouflage and the night clubs Kødboderne 18 and Harvey. He plays every week on radio Heartbeats and recently won the award for Radio Deejay of the year 2018 at the Danish Deejay Awards.

Get ready to feel DJ Waqars steaming hot beats pushing the dance floor to new heights until Whitsun sun rises!


Last year we proved how the concert hall at Pumpehuset could be transferred into a beautiful and mysterious play area. A play area for all kinds of lustful desires and intense interaction that in combination created a magical hedonistic atmosphere. This year we plan to make it even better!

Expect both large and small play areas equipped with kink furniture, devices and tools for all your playful wishes.

Playroom is for players and cruisers.
Cruisers are the curious, creating excitement and extra possibilities for the active players. As a cruiser you keep your distance until invited in to a session by those playing.

If any questions please ask our ManiFest Guides who will be in the area.

Please misbehave responsibly. Play safe, sane and consensual.


LUST and ManiFest have been in a beautiful and kinky collaboration right from the start 20 years ago when Miss Scandal performed at the first ever ManiFest event. Since then this relationship just keeps getting better.

Meet Miss Scandal, the Creatrix and Mistress of LUST. Performing once again for ManiFest Hedonism, with a creative rendering from the seedy side of life, as she knows it. And she does!

Also on parade, joining her on stage are the truly perverted and liberated LUST Ladies, with real hot bodies, omnivore attitudes and total fearlessness of audience interaction…

Straight from the underground of Copenhagen we present Miss Scandal & LUST Catwalk!


Want to meet queers at ManiFest Hedonism?

Queer Lab will be hosting a small chill out area in the party. A colourful oasis for queers and queer curious types of all kinds to relax, flirt and enjoy each others company. A meeting point and safespace to ask questions about Queer Lab, share information and embark on fun adventures together with likeminded people.

Stop by, socialise, take a break, read a queerzine or let us paint our secret queer mark on you so other queers can find you in the crowd!

Just look for the Queer Lab sign on the first floor.
We looking forward to seeing you!!
Queer Lab


SMil Copenhagen are proud to be a part of Manifest Hedonism. We would like to welcome you to our play lounge where you can meet members of SMil Copenhagen, try some of our BDSM furniture, or just hang out and have a chat or maybe a foot massage.

We are looking forward to seeing you.


The Redroom is a small sex lounge dimly lit in red light for couples that enjoy playing around other playful couples. This is also where couples can connect and explore with like-minded others.
The rules are simple. You enter the room as a couple and you leave as a couple.

The Darkroom is the place for those turned on by the unknown and the unpredictable. Those that are intrigued by not knowing who they are touching or who is touching them. Use your senses reach out and feel your way forward in the darkness.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact the ManiFest Guides that you will find in these areas. Look for those wearing a ManiFest Guide badge.

Remember the ManiFest CODE OF CONDUCT when exploring all these possibilities.
Always respect a no. Misbehave responsibly and play safe and consensual.

At ManiFest Hedonism you will find the Redroom and the Darkroom located on the first floor.


Kinky Salon Copenhagen invite you to our cuddle puddle at ManiFest Hedonism. Join us in the pillows and feel free to cuddle whoever you bring with you!:)

Kinky Salon Copenhagen is a cozy, hot, playful, sexy, magic place for creative expression, sexual liberation and every and all genders. We are a non-profit, volunteer community that arrange parties with a positive attitude towards sexuality, our dressed-up theme-parties are arranged about twice a year.

We believe in risqué ridiculousness, mischievous masquerading, the intelligent and the insane – and we believe that consent and communication make the best lube.


Kinbaku Lounge will be celebrating the kink subculture at ManiFest Hedonism by powering up a space for all kinbaku lovers.

Rope can be both powerful and beautiful and fulfill many desires. You will find us under the Japanese bamboo in the playroom, where you can watch how we like to play with ropes in different ways.

Later in the night the bamboo space will freely available for rope lovers who like to tie and play.


For ManiFest Hedonism we have dedicated an area for those of you that are into bisex and cruising. All genders are welcome in this area and the only condition is that you are open minded, and at the very least, curious to explore the possibilities a bisex playspace can create.
This bisex cruising zone will be dimly lit so reach out into the dark shadows and corners and explore your boundaries.

You will find the bisex cruising zone on the ground floor.


As well as Kinky Salon Copenhagen, SMil Copenhagen, Queer Lab and Kinbaku Lounge, that are all contributing with attendance and happenings at the ManiFest Hedonism party, we would also like to mention and thank SMug Copenhagen, Excess Club, Det Sorte Selskab and Hellfire Society for their support and backup of this special event.

We are proud of this collaboration and we hope this Hedonistic initiative will inspire others to take a look around and taste the buffet of possibilities there is to choose from in the ever growing Danish kink subculture.