15. september 2018, 22:00 - 04:00

Fetish Fashion Party 2018

SØPAVILLONEN, Gyldenløvesgade 24, 1369 København.

Ticket sale with earlybird discount starts June 15th High noon 12.00.
Tickets with earlybird discount start at DKK 270. Tickets at the door DKK 450.
*Membership of ManiFest is not required for this event.

Flyer photo credits: Model: Psylocke / Clothes: Bondinage / Photographer: coJac

Watch this space for more info and line-up.



These days Rubber Dolls are walking the streets freely in cities like Berlin, Seattle & London.
Shiny Goddesses inspiring awe and fascination to the crowds where ever they go.

Finally the Invasion comes to the heart of Denmark.

On the 15th of September exclusively for the Fetish Fasion Party in Copenhagen the biggest gathering of heavy rubber dolls in Scandinavia will fill the dance floor, catwalk and playroom.
Featuring a hefty mix of international kinksters and local talent, they will interact with, entertain and invite the guests into their own Latex heaven. Not an inch of skin will be shown, this is heavy rubber that will make you sweat and beg for more.

Photo & edit: moerket_photography
Models: LatexLea & Patriciablackpeon


Fetish supermodel, Kink connoisseur, Latex lover and the Queen of rubbermasks.
She has been in business for years. One of the preferred models for Gord back in those days. Now the mastermind behind Alterpic.com, Kinkyponygirl.com and FetishClinic.com.
For the first time ever in Scandinavia Anna will perform live on stage in a spectacular show.


Fashionable and exclusive latex prêt-a-porter from London.
Bondinage collections are fetish fashion for sexy, strong, feminine women.
Designer Stephen Fuller says:
“The basic design ethos of my Bondinage collection is to create well designed, sexually liberating garments that evoke a high erotic charge. A woman’s body is beautiful and can only be further enhanced with the sensuality and flattery of beautifully tailored rubber clothing”
Bondinage presents a catwalk show at Fetish Fashion Party 2018.

Model: Psylocke


Outstanding rubber garments designed for the extravagant connoisseur.
Seen on celebrities, in movies, on the red carpet and in collaboration with Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior and other luxury brands.
Available in stores all over the world since the label started in 1991 by Robin and Michelle Archer.
At present run by Iris Trika who will be leading the catwalk show at Fetish Fashion Party.


Inviting freshmen, freshwomen and all in betwixt for a pre-party drink at a café nearby.

Let’s get to know each other a little bit and take the stroll together to the venue for a luscious night of hedonism.

This is an informal get-together for people who are new to the scene, yet veterans are most welcome, space permitting.

Prasitha will be your hostess. Please let her know, by emailing Comobo.arts@gmail.com, if you are joining.

We meet 21.00 at the café and leave for Søpavillonen 22.30.







When you summon the fetish Goddess Amarantha, you can never be sure what you are bringing onto yourself.
Be careful what you wish for, you may get it.

Amarantha LaBlanche has been a familiar face in the fetish scene for over the past 10 years.
The heavy rubber Goddess is mostly known for her edgy performances, fetish model work and intense breath play sessions.
She will seduce you through dark kinky play with ritual vibes.



The secret weapon of burlesque.
She mesmerizes the audience with her unique interpretation of flamboyant beauty and entertaining storytelling whilst teasing with extravagant and eccentric aesthetics.

From Austria where she enjoys the trademark as
Vienna’s most recognized burlesque dancer.

Achtung…! Here comes The Riding Mistress.








You are a little nervous but you know, it is time to be disciplined.

You have been a naughty wussy for a long time, and now you need Madame Severina and Madame Lizza to put things in order!

Bend over like a good little sissy sub and take what comes. Mistresses have tools and ropes to get you where you belong.

Do bring a wimmy friend – or a couple of unruly pups if they are at your tail – they will be confined and controlled in the Playroom on 1 floor.












Kinky and fuckable, full size silicone doll, with three holes for all desired intrusions.
Very realistic and very soft and sexy. But non-spoken.
For use alone or in mind games with your partner.

Miss Chanelle welcomes you to the doll boudoir.
Found to the right, by the exit to the outdoor courtyard.
Please follow Miss Chanelles instructions.
Everybody is welcome!



Extremely experienced, very competent and with the ability to read the floor like a maestro.
At Fetish Fashion Party 2017 he played the last set on main floor and left it absolutely sizzling at closing time.
We simply just HAD to book him again!






No rabbit, No fun!
For this evening we got our hands on a blood thirsty rabbit.
Not only of finest Belgian pedigree, but a species that knows exactly which music to whip up a humping party.
In this bizarre rabbit universe, the dance floor takes on a beastly pulse, perfect to harness and hypnotize the wild and wicked.
Expect danceable sensually seductive sex beats with a pulsating bass.




Our TOP ManiFest resident DJ.
He is the king of atmosphere, the master of ambience and a pure genius in the art of building up a sensual and throbbing vibe.
He will be the architect of sound on the upper floor, and you will get a treat, no matter if you are chilling, dancing, spanking, fucking or fooling around!

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