5. January 2019, 21:00 - 04:00

ManiFest Masquerade Ball 2019

Damhuskroen, Roskildevej 244, 2610 Rødovre

Photo credits: Photography, styling and modelling by VESTHOLM / Couture by Peter Leth
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After a long, strong and beautiful tradition of the Masquerade Ball at Forbrændingen for the past 20 years, we are now ready to upgrade to a bigger and better venue closer to Copenhagen.

Damhuskroen is a venue with a well renowned and historical legacy.
In 1682 the old Inn is mentioned for the first time in history books. But it was not until 1757 that the King of Denmark issued his official royal permit for the place. From that day on it became a lively Inn full of dance, laughter and promiscuous shenanigans while also serving as an important stop for travellers on their journeys to Copenhagen.
Since then Damhuskroen has survived through good and bad times and still stands strong to this day.

It is with great pride we announce that this historic venue will be hosting the next legendary ManiFest Masquerade Ball and we look forward to giving everyone an extravagant treat and outstanding kinky experience.

Prepare your outfits.


Dressing room




The two femdom-ladies Madame Sev and Madame Lilo invite you to the ultimative confinement experience! Pandora’s Box opens….and you are caught and wish not to escape!
There is only one way out… and it is through pain and restriction. We play with rope, whips and sensory teasing in a black magic box!


“Timing Is Everything”
An erotic live performance demonstrating orgasm, breathe games and the control over body and mind under the strict influence of timing.


A collaboration between DJ and producer Andreas Bendix and singer Morten Luckow.
This duo is all about electronic beats and groovy vocals blended in a funked up house trip.
Bendix & Luckow are the space souls, who can be spotted, among other places, at Electronic Love Generator parties or driving a Tesla around Mars.


”Convoy Exceptionell”
A French/Swedish burlesque group based in Copenhagen with singer Julia Werup and the dance performers Rakel and Eloise.


One of the most experienced DJ´s in this very kingdom. It is with great pleasure we can present Kenneth Bager again at ManiFest and he is looking forward to whip up the dance floor and touch your senses with classical beats and intense pulse.
www.musicfordreams.dk www.comaclub.dk


She started out playing electronic music in 1998 in Copenhagen and soon ventured out playing around the world under the label Iboga Rec.
Her favorit weapon is vinyl. She has developed a personal style where she plays deep, tech house and techno. The Groove is the key!


A veteran in the Copenhagen club scene, Jesper Rummenigge also knows his way around the Manifest dance floor and its special vibe.
Prepare your feet and hips for a sleazy mix of synthpop, disco, house, rock and indie-dance.


A doorway to extatic orgasm presented by The O-Team.

Deep breathing is a doorway to letting go of limitations and entering a world of extatic energy.
The more you breath, the more you let go and feel.

Come on your own or bring your partner.
Surrender to the rhythm of your own breath and experience extatic orgasm.
And when you are most sensitive, you will get a sensual massage – where ever you want it!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the room of Oxygasm, on the ground floor, in the back of the playroom.


…place and ego are dissolved and replaced by “I Am That I Am”.
It is an experimental study of body and materials in spiritual journey. – Is a rhythm, a glance, a body, a dance, a ritual ceremony and a celebration of the joy of life and ourselves!
The performers take You on a spiritual journey inspired by the seven chakras, from the deep root chakra to the ultimate beast in the chakra, where time, place and ego are dissolved and replaced by “I am that I am.”
Performers: Camilla Maike Juul, Frederik Pors Jakobsen & Yaa Aisin, Mask and costumes: Charlotte Sjalle Weber & NH Latex


Team Polish are ready to welcome you in the hallway with their silicone dripping sponges to give your latex outfit a shiny brush-up.
Please arrive in your outfit with a basic silicone coating, as this service only offers a final shine and touch-up to make you look perfect and spotless.
They are also happy to assist if you need to tighten that corset an extra couple of inches for that perfect, curvy and restrictive look.
Models: L3xy & Urban_Bambi


Oscar Wilde: “Give a man a mask, and he will tell you the truth”…

To create a magical atmosphere, we kindly ask all our guests to wear a mask, at least until midnight. Thanks.

Gasmasks, venetian masks, rubber masks, veils, heavy makeup or even special effects. All interpretations of masks are most welcome and much appreciated!


Leather, Pvc, Rubber, Lingerie, Parade/Galla Uniforms, Wetlook, and Extreme sexual expressions.

At ManiFest Masquerade Ball, and only at this event, we also accept, tuxedo, black tie and white tie.
To avoid misunderstandings we would like to stress that this type of outfit should be worn in its complete form, not parts thereof.
Please refer to the illustration.
Please note that business suits, cocktail dresses, and ball gowns are not included in the dresscode.

Remember that jeans, street wear, standard evening wardrobe and cotton of all kinds are not allowed at ManiFest.

Tuxedo/black tie and white tie specifications: