9. June 2019, 22:00 - 04:00

ManiFest Hedonism

Pumpehuset, Studiestræde 52, 1554 København.


The final ManiFest event before summer vacation!

For the third year in a row it’s time to celebrate Hedonism and the Danish kink subculture!
Traditionally we are celebrating ManiFest Hedonism on Whit Sunday (Pinsesøndag) at our favorite venue Pumpehuset, in the heart of Copenhagen.

We are fully engaged in preparations and working hard to make this a special night for everyone. Expect to see the Danish kink subculture represented in many shapes and forms through represented clubs, performances and installments. Together with DJ’s to make you dance until the Whit Sunday sun arises, Hedonistic play spaces for all your kinky desires and playful installations to experience. Watch this space for line-up announcements.

The Danish subculture continues to expand in all directions and tastes. Crossing over and mixing boundaries of sexual preferences, gender and expressions. Regardless of our kinks, turn-ons and fetishes we are all Hedonists and that deserves a celebration!

ManiFest Hedonism is the third installment of the ManiFest Transformation Trilogy. Our goal with these three parties has been to think differently and experiment in how to transform ManiFest in new directions for the future while keeping the clubs core values intact.
It has been fun experimenting with you! Thanks to all you open minded kinksters that have joined us on this exciting journey!

We look forward to celebrating our fascinating subculture at ManiFest Hedonism together with you all!




It’s less than 3 weeks until Pumpehuset opens its doors for the third time in a row, this time for ManiFest Hedonism! The final touches to the line-up and program are now falling into place. This will be a celebration of Danish kink subculture to remember!

Again we are honored and proud to have support from so many of the dedicated clubs and organisations that make the Danish kink subculture what it is today. Some you have met before and others we are thrilled to announce are joining us for the first time.

Here is a list of this years contributing clubs and organisations.
SLM Copenhagen, Homoware, Kinky Salon Copenhagen, SMug, LatexLogen, Kinbaku Lounge, Hellfire Society and Bedside Productions.

The full line-up of what each hedonistic partner will be bringing to the event will be announced soon. Watch this space, you are in for a treat!

DJ ALEX DE LARGE | 22.00-00.30

The one and only DJ Alex De Large will be starting up the dance floor for ManiFest Hedonism!
Showing off his own special brand of Italian Exotica, Rare Groove, Hip Shake, Sleazy Soundtracks, 60s Beat Pop, Strut Funk, Hot Boogie, Latin-Soul, Afro-Beats, Jazz-Funk, Leather and Disco!

The man behind Alex De Large is musician, composer and producer Alex Puddu. An avid record and film collector with a vast vinyl selection from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s including his own wealthy discography.

With 15 years of DJ experience Alex delivers a wide ranged heady mix of diverse vintage sounds to the dance floor from known classics to forgotten grooves, surf rockers to hard-hitting funk, Italian Exotica and NuYorican Latin Soul. Alex uses his extensive vinyl collection to tailor a quality soundscape full of surprises and fun.

Alex De Large has released many acclaimed albums and played alongside legends such as David Bowie, Joe Bataan, Lonnie Jordan and Edda Dell’Orso.


DJ MASHTI | 00.30-04.00

Put on your Hedonistic dancing shoes!

Over many years DJ Mashti has cemented his position as one of our most loved resident DJs at ManiFest. His sensual, sexy, pulsating dance beats have created and forged the sound of ManiFest’s dancefloors and playrooms.
An edgy electronic beat barista serving up what we didn’t know we wanted or knew we even needed penetrating each and every zone throughout the party!
This year DJ Mashti also celebrates 30 years behind the decks as a DJ so you know you are in good hands.

Welcome back DJ Mashti!



SLM Copenhagen invites you to experience a taste of Scandinavia’s largest fetish club for men that have sex with men.

We are an organisation that, similar to ManiFest, is based on volunteers. Members interests and turn-ons vary through all forms of fetishism that include leather, rubber, neopren, uniforms, skinhead and much, much more. For some these fetishes are combined with kinks like BDSM, pis and fisting.
Our strong values and practises ensure a free space for men, where comradery and social interaction play a large role, regardless of age, fetishes and kinks.

Especially for ManiFest Hedonism we will be creating a mini version of SLM’s club at Pumpehuset. A play area where ALL are welcome inside to experience a taste of what SLM is, feel the atmosphere and meet some members from the club.
You may even experience that SLM opens you up to exciting angles on fetish and kink you have not tried before. We look very much forward to showing this to you!

Photo: Theis Nybo



@Bedside Productions is bringing you a sexy Cruising Cinema at this years Manifest Hedonism!

It is dark, everyone is quiet. Hush! Can you try to keep it down?
Not as easy as it sounds in this steamy cinema!

For the voyeurs and the exhibitionists, sitting side by side with hot & horny strangers in the dark. Take a look at the films, at each other.
Take a look at what we are up to in Copenhagen’s newest porn production collective.

Bedside Productions connects artists, creators and technicians, with a wide spectrum of experience, to create the porn that they want the world to see. Each contributor works according to their own personal instincts and style. The result is an eclectic manifestation of sexuality.
We invite you to a playful and lighthearted space. A space where sex equals freedom. We incite imagination, intimacy, raw lust and conversation. In solitude or connection.

Bedside Productions is founded on a genuine interest in sexuality and gender, both from a personal and political viewpoint. We believe that positive representation of bodies, sexualities and different sexual practices, combined with wholehearted lust and a transparent processes is what is missing in porn today. We are working to remove shame and stigma attached to both porn production and consumption, making porn a more accessible topic and treating it as a positive extension of our sexualities.


ManiFest proudly presents every Hedonist’s Best Nightmare.

Behind the curtain is an image of your wildest dreams and fantasies. Three femdom-Madames invite you to let them have their fanciful yet wicked way with you!

Captured in their grasping kinky furniture you cannot move at all but to say “Yes, Madame!” when spoken to…
The evil pleasures of Medames Lilo, Élo and Sev will tease and challenge you…

Welcome to The Hedonistic Best Nightmare!


Feel the power with the boys from Homoware!
You might be frightened, you might be curious, you might just love it…
E-stim can be used for both pleasure, reward and punishment and at ManiFest Hedonism the boys from Homoware will take you on a guided trip into the quivering amazing world of electrostimulation.
For your pleasure Homoware will be bringing a wide range of power boxes and toys from E-stim Systems and Neonwand.
Do you dare to try it?
You Can! Alone or with your partner and of course with thorough guidance from one of the experienced Homoware boys!
Come and play! It will be electrifying!!



For ManiFest Hedonism there will be a dedicated cruising zone for all you Hedonistic cruisers!

All are welcome in this zone regardless of gender or sexual preference. The only condition is that you are respectful and open to explore what kinky energy this kind of playspace can create.
The cruising zone will be very dimly lit so reach out into the dark corners and feel your way to explore your boundaries!

You will find the cruising zone on the ground floor behind the stairs.

Please misbehave responsibly!
Always follow the ManiFest Code Of Conduct : www.manifest.eu/en/code-of-conduct/


For ManiFest Hedonism the playroom will be spread out over several areas throughout the venue. You will find exposed well positioned play furniture for all you exhibitionists and also more discreet play areas where you can submerge into some deep intense play sessions more privately with your partners.

ManiFest guides are on duty to help and guide you. Look for those wearing a guide badge.

Please misbehave responsibly!
Always follow the ManiFest Code Of Conduct : www.manifest.eu/en/code-of-conduct/



The Redroom is back for ManiFest Hedonism!

The Redroom is a small sex lounge dimly lit in red light for couples that enjoy playing and connecting with like minded playful couples.
The rules are simple. A couple is regardless of sexual preference or gender. You enter the room as a couple and you leave as a couple.

ManiFest guides are on duty to help and guide you. Look for those wearing a guide badge.

Please misbehave responsibly!
Always follow the ManiFest Code Of Conduct : www.manifest.eu/en/code-of-conduct/



Once again Kinbaku Lounge will be joining the celebration of Danish kink subculture for ManiFest Hedonism!

Join us and watch when we open the Kinbaku space with a performance of a yet unseen creative way of tying on vertical bamboo! Find us under the Japanese bamboo in the playroom upstairs.

Later in the night the Kinbaku space will be available for all rope lovers who like to tie and play so bring out your ropes!



The Hellfire Society organise amazing experiences for, and by, sexpositive people looking for a safe, open and including place to enjoy themselves and others.
Inspirations are in equal parts the bacchanalia of old, hedonistic parties in the roaring twenties and the movie Eyes Wide Shut. They create wonderful parties with debauchery, dancing and amazing people.
Hellfire Society can’t attend ManiFest Hedonism, but will be joining us all in spirit to celebrate and support the diversity of the Danish kink subculture!

A supportive Hedonistic hello from SMug! Even though SMug cannot officially participate at this year’s Hedonism party we strongly support the event and the beautiful ambition of bringing the diversity of kinky subcultures together for one magnificent evening!

2019 is a very busy year for LatexLogen with many activities and meetups. Due to these busy times we can’t attend other than in spirit this year, but we are looking forward to celebrate Hedonism and the Danish kink subculture with all of you again next year.
Keep your outfits shiny until we meet again!
Rubber greetings,


ManiFest Hedonism would not be complete without a visit from the fabulous ladies from Lust!

Lust has been a close collaborator and sponsor since the day ManiFest started and in true hedonistic style they will be flying the Lust flag once again and dealing out some helpful and sexy Lust goodies. All with a little help from their very own Lust Ponyboy!

Join them upstairs for some Lust filled playfulness!


As well as a regular coat check you can also help speed up your entry to ManiFest HEDONISM by using the smart self service wardrobe lockers. If you pack light and smart Pumpehuset has 160 wardrobe lockers for self service. Arrive early to make sure you get one and reduce your time spent standing in line for the wardrobe.

To activate a locker bring a 10 DKK coin. The size of the lockers are 25x25x40.



Kinky Salon Copenhagen is a cozy, hot, playful, sexy, magic place for creative expression and sexual liberation.

Kinky Salon is a non-profit, volunteer community that arrange parties with a healthy positive attitude towards sexuality, our dressed-up theme-parties are arranged about twice a year. Our community is open to everyone of all genders, sexualities, body shapes, disability statuses and backgrounds. Be you vanilla or kinky, people of gender, queer, straight, bi or try-sexual, we invite you to engage in our artistic and erotic world.

We believe in risqué ridiculousness, mischievous masquerading, the intelligent and the inane – and we believe that consent and communication make the best lube.