13. April 2019, 22:00 - 04:00

ManiFest Raw

Pumpehuset, Studiestræde 52, 1554 København.

Pumpehuset is becoming a favourite venue for ManiFest. Understandably so!
This outstanding venue in the heart of Copenhagen has so much to offer and for ManiFest Raw on April 13th we will be unveiling a few more sleazy secrets this location has to offer.

Expect to see a new transformation of this amazing space. A party full of visual interactions, happenings and surprises, sleazy play spaces and a sensual, pumping, decadent dance floor the likes of which ManiFest has never seen before!

This is the second installment of the ManiFest Transformation Trilogy.
Expect to be surprised!
ManiFest as you know it with a Raw and raunchy twist!


We will be turning Pumpehuset upside down for ManiFest RAW!The dance floor, lounge and mingling areas will be upstairs this time round and the playrooms downstairs. Let’s explore together what this new configuration brings of fun opportunities to the party!

DJ Rummenigge 22-00 | DJ Mike Sheridan 00-02 | DJ Waqar 02-04

We are turning up the heat on the dancefloor for ManiFest RAW. Kink clubbing demands a backing track that will make you move, squirm and quiver. For this devious task we have assembled 3 of Denmark’s finest masters of sound!

A veteran in the Copenhagen club scene, and ManiFest resident. DJ Rummenigge knows his way around the ManiFest dance floor and its unique demanding vibe. Prepare yourself for a sleazy mix of synthpop, disco, house, rock and indie-dance.

It is with great pleasure we announce that DJ Mike Sheridan will be pounding the ManiFest Raw dancefloor with his own unique style of soundscapes and dance beats!
A well renowned electronic composer, Mike Sheridan creates ambient, pulsating soundscapes that will amplify and extend the visual and physical impressions of ManiFest to the dance floor!

A long time resident ManiFest DJ. Experience,d competent and with pure raw talent he can read the dance floor like a maestro. Welcome back to DJ Waqar and his steaming hot house and techno beats that will be finishing off even the hardest of you kink clubbers on the ManiFest Raw dance floor!


For ManiFest Raw we are thrilled to announce a provocative visual installation by Swedish artporn duo FlickerFuckers!
FlickerFuckers solder together tenderness with violence in their video art. They challenge ideas about sexuality, perversity and authentic feelings of vulnerability and intimacy. All taking place in a post-apocalyptic state of mind where rules don’t exist.
There is no acting involved in FlickerFuckers works, forcing viewers to open their minds and sharpen their focus.



There will be both a Redroom and a Darkroom at ManiFest Raw for all you kinky couples and groping enthusiasts!

The Redroom is a small sex lounge dimly lit in red light for couples that enjoy playing around and connecting with like minded playful couples.
The rules are simple. A couple is regardless of sexual preference or gender. You enter the room as a couple and you leave as a couple.

The Darkroom is the place for those turned on by the unknown and the unpredictable. Those that are intrigued by not knowing who they are touching or who is touching them. Use your senses reach out and feel your way forward in the darkness.

For ManiFest Raw both the Redroom and the Darkroom will be located downstairs by the Playroom.

Play safe, respect a no and misbehave responsibly!



Ready to confess? Do you dare to confess and set your innermost sins free!
Looks can be deceiving. Behind a veil or a mask… could be a softie or a rough neck…or a curious joe…switching.
Come to Raw Confessions on the first floor and have your limits toyed with and challenged.

Les Madames Élo, Lilo & Sev invite you to explore the fields of soft limits and hard limits. We guide you and decide both punishment and pleasure. Come alone or with a friend for a talk about consent and confessions… And a proper warm-up of your delicate body parts!

See you at Raw Confessions!



The kinksters behind the cane brand Butthurt will be showing off their love and passion for the rattan cane in an intense, raw and real caning demonstration session at ManiFest Raw.
Experience up close the fine art of caning by dedicated lifestyle cane lovers!

The caning session will be upstairs by the lounge at approximately midnight.

Want to know more – www.butthurt.se



You will find the playroom in a new setting on the ground floor for ManiFest Raw. This time in a more intimate and intense setting. There will be a good selection of BDSM and fetish furniture for use and settings for both exhibitonsitic and more personal play sessions.

If you have any questions on the night, ManiFest’s Play Room Guides are on standby to answer any questions you might have. Just look for those wearing a ManiFest Guide badge.

The Play Room is for players and cruisers!
Play safe and misbehave responsibly!
Play more, talk less!



It has never been permitted for guests to take pictures at ManiFest. Discretion is very important for ManiFest.
However in these times of SoMe exhibitionism we want to help satisfy the need, many of you have, to capture a memory or two from the party. For this we have created a small discrete zone at the party we call the Selfie Corner. Here you are allowed to take your own pictures of you and/or your friends in an area away from the party backdrop.

If you wish to do so please tag any pictures you post to Social Media with #manifestcph to be sure they show up in our ManiFest feed’s. Feel free to also use the same #manifestcph hashtag when posting any pictures from your pre-parties or to show off your latest outfits or whatever else you find relevant for ManiFest. We want to see your pictures!

Remember – Never take a picture without permission. Never post a picture without consent.



Do you dare to surrender yourself blindly into the ManiFest night? Join a thrilling sensory play tour through the party, blindfolded and led by our two play tour guides.

Simply contact the Blinded Senses tour guides on the upper floor if you want a tour and talk to them about your wishes and limits. When you are ready to let go, you will be blindfolded and led on your own personal tour throughout the crowd.
A safe and consensual way to challenge your desires!