Jeans, street wear and standard evening wardrobe of all kinds are NOT allowed at ManiFest

– Your outfit and overall expression must be fetishistic.

– Erotically provocative outfits are most welcome.

– Express yourself, go all-in on your outfit and make an effort.

– Be creative and extravagant.

If you are in doubt whether you comply with our dresscode, you might find the answer in our FAQ. If not we recommend you to send a photo of your outfit to our dresscode guide Linda.

ManiFest has a strict dresscode which must be met in order to set the fetishistic frame for each party. ManiFest is a freespace to expose your fetishism. For some people this is a huge step and it only works if all members contribute to uphold a safe and fetishistic unity.

We encourage members to be creative and extravagant. But your outfits need not be expensive and glamorous as long as you follow the dresscode guidelines. The outfit and overall impression MUST be fetishistic and erotically provocative.

It is not a matter of getting away with minimum compliance of the dresscode. It is a matter of expressing yourself and go all-in on your outfit and making an effort.

Our parties often have a specific theme for inspiration and challenge, but it doesn’t have to be followed. On rare occasions the dresscode will be extended, which will be explicitly stated in the event description on FaceBook, in our news letter and here on the website.

At the door our dresscode guide has the final say and instructions must be followed.

You will be rejected entry if you don’t comply with the dresscode. If you have already made it inside, but are out of compliance, you will be asked to leave the party without a refund.


Q: Can I wear a tuxedo?
A: At the Masquerade Ball in January 2020 it will be the last time we have exceptionally extended the dresscode to include tuxedo’s, to create a “ballroom ambience”. However, we encourage you to give it a sexual and fetichistic twist. After Masquerade Ball  2020 tuxedo is not allowed at any of our parties.

Q: I would like to wear camouflage pants and fishnet shirt – is this OK?
A: No, camouflage wear in any shape or form (except if it is made out of one of the materials in the dresscode), is regarded as work clothes and will not pass our dresscode.

Q: I have a train conductor uniform. Can I wear that?
A: No, this uniform is regarded as work clothes and will not pass our dresscode.

Q: I have a complete SS uniform. Can I wear that?
A: An SS uniform complies with our dresscode as this is a parade uniform and not work clothes. Beware that for some people, even in the fetish world, it can cause strong reactions to wear nazi fetishistic symbols. So you must prepare yourself to be confronted. As many people are sensitive about your fetish, it is extremely important that you behave extra considerate and e.g. don’t hail. It is important that everybody understands that your fetish is sexual and is not related to Nazism.

Q: I would like to wear a tonsure (priest) shirt and black dress pants. Will it comply with the dresscode?
A: No, tonsure shirt + dress pants are regarded as work clothes for catholic priests. If you want to express a religious/clerical fetish, we suggest that you wear the more extreme cassock (catholic orthodox priest garment) or a nun/monk attire with all accessories. You could also wear the tonsure shirt with a pair of pants made out of one of the materiels in the dresscode.

Q: I get sexually aroused by wearing a diaper (without “using” it) and preferably under nylon panties. Will this be OK at ManiFest?
A: Yes, this is very OK at ManiFest. Remember to combine it with a top that complies with the dresscode and that the overall expression is sexual and kinky.

Q: Can I be naked at ManiFest?
A: No, the naked body as such is not part of the dresscode. But if you decorate your body to emphasize it as a fetishistic symbol, it is OK. It could be with body paint, bondage, piercings etc.