Code of Conduct


Anybody who complies with the dresscode is welcome.


ManiFest caters for passionate flirtation, public sexual play, extreme lust and many guests love to flirt, observe, show off and be sexually active. It is of course voluntary and not a requirement, as it is of course your individual choice whether you want to engage sexually with others.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential that everybody is utmost respectful towards other guests and behaves politely and friendly at all times.

Don’t interfere with or touch other guests unless you are completely sure that it will be received well.
ManiFest has zero tolerance against violence, fighting and aggressive behavior.


Photography is not permitted at ManiFest!

Only especially approved photographers from ManiFest have permission to take photos. These are photographers who understand and respect that no one will be photographed without consent. This is to protect members’ wish for discretion and anonymity.


It is not allowed to be strongly or visible intoxicated.
It is not allowed to be under the influence of drugs.
It is not allowed to take drugs.
It is not allowed to buy or obtain drugs.
It is not allowed to offer drugs.


If the organizer, or a of the organizer appointed person, or any other staff at the party assesses that any of the above is not respected, you will immediately be expelled from the party.

The organizer will afterwards assess additional sanctions of exclusion from ManiFest in a period of time hereafter or permanent.

Decisions will not necessarily be based on objective findings, but can be subjective.

Decisions are final and not for discussion.