About Manifest

It all started back in 1995 with Fetish Fashion Party, which is still an annual recurring fetish party in Copenhagen.

Three years later in 1998 ManiFest was founded and has since then hosted fetish parties around every second month.
This has led to a well proven concept arranged by a very experienced an dedicated team.

After many years of success, we have manifested a subculture and scene for the fetish culture in Denmark. There is overwhelming support and an increasing interest from international guests.

ManiFest has a wide range and openness and works as a hotspot for a substantial part of the different sexual subcultures in Denmark.

The common ground is fetishism with a focus on clothing. But ManiFest caters for members with varying preferences other than being hardcore fetishists. E.g. sadomasochists, exhibitionists, voyeurs, bondage enthusiasts, swingers, BDSM people, transvestites, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, queers etc. Both young and old, beginners and experienced.

The important thing is not the sexual orientation, but that we meet with an open mind and common interests.

Fundamentally the dresscode is the essential element, and values such as freedom, passion, desire and a distinctly mutual respect are paramount.

Check out our FAQ for common questions.