ManiFest – coronavirus|COVID-19

All parties on standby / All memberships on pause / Manifest Hedonism cancelled

Dearest fellow kinksters, hedonists and ManiFest people! 

The ongoing coronavirus/COVID-19 situation is still affecting larger gatherings and social events. This includes our community and as a result we regret to announce that ManiFest is putting all future parties on standby.

All memberships will be paused
We will be pausing all active ManiFest memberships and VIP memberships from the date of March 1st 2020. All memberships will be automatically reactivated from the date the next confirmed ManiFest party takes place. This will happen automatically and you do not need to do anything.

All parties on standby
When we will be able to host the next ManiFest party is uncertain at this time. Therefore we have also decided that all future ManiFest parties are now put on standby. Sadly this also includes Hedonism on May 31st.
There is no doubt that this crisis is having a large effect on the sex positive community world wide but staying safe is of course the priority for us all.
As soon as we can move forward responsibly, we will!

Support our community with your ManiFest membership
ManiFest is run in our free time next to our full time jobs and based on priceless help from our amazing voluntary crew. Therefore to be certain we can continue hosting events of the same standard and quality, your membership, at this time, is more important than ever to support and ensure that our community thrives, also after corona.
Thank you for supporting ManiFest!

If a membership pause solution does not work for you, contact

What’s next?
We will continue to keep a close eye on how the current crisis and Ministry Of Health guidelines develop over the coming period. We will be updating through our website and newsletter when new information is available. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out on any important information. 

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In the meantime stay safe and misbehave responsibly!

Anton & Stephen