10. marts 2018, 22:00 - 16:00

ManiFest – Rubber

Råhuset, Onkel Dannys Plads 7, KBH K



Especially for this event we have upgraded the Shine Booth for all you amazing exhibitionistic rubber fans. For ManiFest Rubber, we will be expanding this popular service to be a more delicate and sensual experience for both participants and observers.

The Shine Booth will be located inside the party this time instead of near the entrance and will be lit up in its own designated area. Surrounding the Shine Booth other guests will be able to observe and enjoy the shiny look being delivered by our dedicated and passionate shine team.

And as something new pull your own “Shine Booth number”. When your number comes up, it’s your turn to step into the Shine Booth area and be spoiled by our shine team.

The shine both will be available from 22.00 and until we run out of shine.
Photo: Reflective Desire


Imagine a room filled with balloons from floor to ceiling. All you can see is black, rubber balloons! Black, rubber and purely sensual.
Here you can explore and reach out for others between the dimly lit, tightly inflated rubber mass. Indulge yourselves in this special and intense feeling as the rubber caresses you all. Let go and immerse into this sensual black universe of balloons…

Welcome to The Balloon Room!

Located on the first floor next to the play area.